Saturday, 11 February 2012

There’s room for two Christians in fashion

J’adore Christian Siriano. Just like Dior, Christian Siriano knows how to create drama. My crush on Christian Siriano escalates with every new collection. If you’re familiar with his designs they are mostly avant-garde reminiscent of classic, 1950s Paris couture-no collection is complete without it. Thought I’d rabble on about him as I love how he’s progressing as a designer. A bit of background...He went to design school at American InterContinental University in London, interning with Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Arguably his works seem inspired by both of these, especially Mcqueen. Yet, it was participating in Project Runway that his creativity came to light. I knew he was one to watch from the beginning. It was no surprise he won the competition. His Musketeer couture inspired collection at New York Fashion Week left me breathless. It was very Mcqueen with ruffles, feathers it epitomized his catchphrase. (Fierce!) Top hats, feathers, oversized ruffles and curvy blazers with wide shoulders and flared hips were simply beautiful. The other finalists didn’t stand a chance. Even Victoria Beckham said she’d be honoured to wear a piece. Since then he’s come along way, but coming from a reality show it has been hard to shake it off. Major fashion publications largely ignored him and he applied for membership in the Council of Fashion Designers of America, but was turned down. Despite this, he’s still incredibly successful as probably everyone knows... there is something about Siriano.

His beautiful SS11 collection was inspired by rich cultures of the Africa, China and India. He made use of faux snake leather skin and shades of blue and red in brush print. The explosion of graphic prints came with liquid metals in several looks. His trademark drama queen organza ruffles were not absent though.  The final look was unwearable to the everyday woman but absolutely stunning. The blooming coral-red ball gown swept the model in heavy fluffy chiffon. The highlights of the show for me were the sculpted Siriano's shoes for Payless. Now they were killer banana heels! His fall 2011- was even better. It definitely had some standout favourites - chic looks like the long tulip skirt with a lean poloneck and anything that was sheer. I needed that massive petal pink skirt that was paired with a gray silk tee. The collection proved his versatility as this collection was more dark and edgy. There were tailored jackets and black sheer skirts in this one. The usual avant gowns were present (of course) but were not as over the top. Pieces from the collection were in Italian Vogue and on Sarah Jessica and Taylor Swift. I was left hoping, that I’d win the lottery that night...I desperately wanted SJP’s one. Looks like the Versace Mille Feuille gown in the finale SATC. So Divine. 

Christian Siriano‘s Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign starred Mena Suvari and was shot at the Soho Grand Hotel, New York. It featured the most gorgeous punchy tangerine red organza number which looked inspired by Oscar de la Renta. His new spring 2012 utterly blew me away. Instead of his chiffon-organza blooms there was a change in silhouette- it was more on trend-sporty. Colour blocking and neons dominated the show so it was the most modern collection he’s presented. There were a lot more use of bright colours in this collection, dresses surprised in bright lime and coral. Tangerines also-the must have colour of the season.

Probably because he’s now working with Danielle Nachmani, whose clean approach to fashion was brought into to tame his flamboyancy. It’s DEFINATELY the needed push in a direction to appeal to the fashion crowd. The merging of simple T-shirts with a ball-gown skirt in acidic hues must be Nachmani’s influence. More wearable separates included maxi skirts, cropped trousers and appliquéd shift dresses, made in crepes, chiffons, and silk fabrics. Peach silk suit and cape blouse with yellow crops were effortless. The elegant pleated floor-length mermaid skirts, the feathery cocktails and sheer dresses were amongst my faves. You know what scrap that. I wanted every look. Sigh. Long waltzing dresses again were paired with bright shoes, available at Payless. Of course it wouldn’t be Siriano without a dramatic finish- in flocked tulle and organza dresses-I wouldn’t expect anything less. It was definitely amongst the top five shows last season. I can’t be the only received a standing ovation. I’m loving his 2012 fall this week. Dark lips, clean lines with overthrow furs, burgundy and satin blacks- breathtaking.

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