Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I like my money right where I can see it....hanging in my closet

Mmmmm that exquisite jewel-encrusted fabrics finale of the Dolce&Gabbana SS12 collection. Crystal embellishments, shimmering mirrors and beads were fashioned into inspired 1950s silhouettes of lace shifts and corseted bodysuits. What is it with embellishments; we all seem to be into them right now. Around 63 extravagant bustiers were decorated in gold and silver, or encrusted with large hand-appliqued multicoloured vibrant gemstones. Apparently 625 per bodice! The finale was inspired by fireworks but was a tribute to their iconic shows of the 1990s. The Fall 1992 collection looked back at the Hollywood starlets and voluptuous pin ups from the 1950s. Madonna made D&G’s bejewelled corset an instantly iconic piece back in 1991. The designers recycled this look adding outrageous bright colours (fuchsias, sapphires and emeralds) and a change of design. Well, I want to dazzle like Bianca Balti and be dripping in jewels like Eva Mendes....so the best I could find was this bold little ASOS situation.

Ring lust....Rings rings rings....they’re like hair slides I’m pretty sure I’ve bought hundreds yet I can never find them. With regards to rings...there tends to be a new one on my hand once a week. Before you say you don’t understand. Well I don’t understand either. I’m hoping one day there’s a stash somewhere lying around somewhere. I don’t think I’ll ever be ‘finished’ with this piece.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a magpie for a bit of gold. Any ho have wanted a YSL arty oval ring for quite a while. As seen on Alexa Chung. There unique and pretty. What’s not to like.  Even if it wasn’t YSL and I found this at a market, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It was £200-£455 and it sold out pretty fast. And I don’t have a guy that’s going to buy me pretty things. I joke. Grrrrr. It was either buy it (not really an option) or starve to death. And anyone who knows me knows that I would happily live without heating, electricity, and sit in a darkened room as long as my wardrobes being added too. I think my limit is no water. I mean a girls gotta wash.....and I guess drink water. So instead of me going down that route....ill just bagsy a fake imitation. Which is waay more satisfying. I bought a bright turquoise one and then a week later realised how pretty the red one was. And bought that to. But there’s a range of colours from cobalt blue,turquoise, red, beige etc. Take your pick. These rings are about two years old...sooo yes late on the bandwagon. There are others including the Arty Dots and arty enamel. All are pretty. Im still waiting for mine to arrive...sooo excited. I might even post a picture of my hands in it. God, I must be excited.

My new love is this charming Topshop tweed vanity case. I’ve wanted a round train case/hat box of quite while. I’m obsessed with the 1920s-40s.....Its more orient express rather than a southwestern Victoria to Croydon train. But I’m not bothered.  I’ve seen some even better vintage ones on ebay, in Camden and Portobello but there always too expensive or falling apart. It’s rare to find one in good condition and I didn’t want to risk it falling apart. The topshop accessory is vintage looking and its mustard rim will add warmth to any outfit. My sister asked where I was going to need this. And My response... ‘I don’t need to be going anywhere to need this’

Channel your inner Janis Joplin and John Lennon and wear round sunglasses. Round sunglasses I hear you cry?  Tis a little unusual, I admit and most people think their ugly. This for those who have an individual style or for those who don’t care what people think. A notable devotee is Mary-Kate Olsen sporting styles by Marni and Chanel. Round sunglasses won’t be as simple as in 2009. Frames and lens will be in different hues in 2012 as seen at Viktor & Rolf and Erdem. I’m sticking to the black lens, put if you have a paler skin tone, try gradient brown ones or even pink. Try vintage or charity stores for yours. Asos have a few plastic frame ones.mmm a bit too 60s for me. The tortoise shell ones are adorable. If you like mine I bought gold rim Almost Famous Sunglasses from the cobra shop in LA! They were only $24. Love Love love love love. Apparently they make cheeks look chubby. Oooops. I think there the perfect accessory to an off duty outfit.

The Chanel boucle tweed jacket gives a touch of class to any look. It’s the epitome of class, sophistication, beauty and of course a good investment piece. Vintage Chanel boucle jackets are on my radar.  But unless I spend my savings away...a replica will have to do for now. Boucle jackets and suits, in pinks, creams and metallics are everywhere. But I’m sticking to this Topshop Grosgrain collarless jacket. This crop jacket fits really well ...it’s a shame they didn’t do a patching pair of shorts. Whether I dress it up or team with my vintage Rokit denim jumpsuit (taking inspiration from Linda Evangelista in Paris in the 80s) a Chanel-esque jacket this year is a winner.

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