Thursday, 2 February 2012

I like my money right where I can see it....hanging in my closet

My sister shamefully reminded me I have two feather skirts already. Yeah... but not in a punchy red! In Zara, Covent Garden, I picked up the bouncy skirt, when my sister informed me that my perfect ideal man was leaving the store. It was him or the skirt. I picked the skirt. The fact it was discounted from £79 to £20 made this victory all the sweeter. An Elmo red feather skirt... I’ll admit it's pretty ballsy. My sister is not a fan and the fact that it’s been reduced loads screams that it’s unpopular. Who cares?! I think it’s the perfect interpretation of the avian print that is going to be huge this spring. Why wear a bird when you can be one? Matthew Williamson said "The woman in a feather dress is confident in her fashion choices and exudes is reminiscent of the Twenties, a time of prosperity and luxe." I’ll fit right in then. Joking.

The Little Feather Dress (LFD) is a hit with many. Olivia Palermo at Giambattista Valli wore a feather-trimmed dress. Meanwhile, Kate Moss climbed off Marc Jacobs's carousel to close the show in a feather mini-dress. At D&G, over fluffy feather skirts in rainbow hues were paired with bright T-shirts and wedge-heeled trainers. Not sure whether to wear it like feather trim dress with a long tank with a few feathers poking out at the bottom. Or copy D&G and dress it down team with a tee. Probs both.
Oscar de la Renta

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